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Services for the Corporate Clients

You own a company but you do not have a car fleet or the car fleet is not sufficient enough for the daily business and it is a little bit too plain for special occasions. Perhaps the duties of your job position require organizing visits of various foreign officials. During those visits, the requirements regarding transportation are exceptionally high.

Our circle of clients contains:

  • Wide spectrum of government institutions;
  • Institutions and businesses of various municipalities;
  • Organizational structures of events of high importance (foreign visits, international congresses, symposiums, etc.);
  • Corpus diplomatic (embassies, consulates, missions of international organizations);
  • Concert agencies;
  • Agencies of foreign companies in Latvia;
  • Local businesses around the country.

By entering into a long-term cooperation agreement with „Premium rent a car", your company will become our regular corporate client and in addition to our basic service - an exclusive car rental with a driver - you will receive an option to rent a car for your individual needs without a driver. It is a special offer with very strict rules.

If you are interested in long-term cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services, offers and prices.