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Our Mission

„A car with a driver is expecting you at the door, sir" - seems like an insignificant phrase that has often been heard in movies, read in books, viewed in photographs in pages of celebrity magazines. When going about your daily activities you might not even imagine that at any time, you could become the person who will be taken to a splendid car with a professional driver. It will take you to every place that you need to go and bring back to the doorsteps of your house.

„Premium rent a car" is a company that offers you this option - to rent a car with a driver. Step in and enjoy the ride!

It is a „premium" service for „premium" clients:

  • We offer the newest models of luxury class automobiles;
  • Professional and experienced drivers who can speak several foreign languages;
  • Wide variety of services that will ensure not just a comfortable ride, but will help to solve many organizing tasks connected with use of a car and a driver. For example, decorating a car, meeting a specific person at the airport and taking that person to a hotel, unloading the luggage, etc.;
  • Basic service - car rental with a driver is improved by an appropriate added value service depending on various practicalities, when you do not possess the time to solve them yourself. For example, a choice of a parking lot, driving into various secured areas, cooperation with tourism agencies, etc.;
  • We have a special attitude in reference to the client's wish to get about „incognito";
  • When you become our regular customer, you will gain series of beneficial services, which will also lessen your expenses.

We - a team of solid professionals, are always ready to help and find the best solution just for you.